Lead And Sales Generation

We’ve worked with numerous agencies to develop cutting edge lead and sales generation systems for almost any vertical. Our philosophy is focused on utilising all available data appropriately, and reinforcing channel algorithms effectively to drive quality over quantity.

We’re a good fit for you if you:

  • Have a good idea of who your customer is, and want to scale.
  • Have a rough idea of who your customer is, and are unsure how to reach them effectively.
  • Currently know that your customer exists in your market, but are unsure how to articulate your offer to their needs and desires.
  • Want to improve the way in which you collect data from your customer or market.
  • Would like to test multiple versions of your offer with your customer.
  • Have existing lead and sales generation systems which need to be optimised for efficacy.
  • Want to systematically engineer a KPI driven sales funnel using least cost systems.

If you matched some of the above points, we’d love to chat. If not, reach out anyway, we’re more than happy to talk about how we operate and most of the time a quick call can help us understand your needs well.

Case Study: Enhancing Lead Hygiene and Standardisation for a Leading Medical Aid in South Africa

We were approached by a leading medical aid provider in South Africa to streamline their lead hygiene, standardisation, and management processes. The client aimed to refine their advertising algorithms by integrating their CRM data with major digital advertising platforms. The goal was to improve targeting, conversion rates, and overall marketing efficiency.


The client was facing challenges with inconsistent lead data, inefficient advertising targeting, and low conversion rates. They needed a solution that would not only standardise and cleanse lead data but also enable seamless integration between their CRM and digital advertising platforms.


We developed a comprehensive solution to address the client’s needs, which involved the following steps:

  1. Data Standardisation and Hygiene: We began by implementing a data standardisation and hygiene process for the client’s CRM data. This involved identifying and resolving inconsistencies in data formatting, eliminating duplicate records, and ensuring accurate and up-to-date contact information.
  2. CRM and Advertising Platform Integration: We designed and implemented custom interfaces that facilitated seamless data exchange between the client’s CRM and major digital advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. This integration enabled real-time data syncing, enhancing the accuracy of targeting efforts.
  3. Advanced Targeting Strategies: With the integration in place, we worked with the client to develop advanced targeting strategies that leveraged their CRM data to segment and target audiences more effectively. This included creating custom audience lists based on demographic, behavioural, and transactional data.
  4. Performance Monitoring and Optimisation: We set up a comprehensive performance monitoring and reporting system to track the success of the client’s advertising campaigns. This allowed us to continuously optimise targeting strategies and maximise return on investment (ROI).


The solution provided by Known Integration Engineering led to significant improvements in the client’s marketing efforts:

  • 35% increase in lead conversion rates due to improved targeting and cleaner data
  • 20% reduction in advertising costs as a result of more efficient targeting and elimination of duplicate records
  • Enhanced marketing agility, enabling the client to react quickly to changes in the market and adjust their strategies accordingly


By partnering with us, the leading medical aid provider in South Africa was able to streamline their lead hygiene, standardisation, and management processes. The integration of their CRM data with major digital advertising platforms enabled them to improve targeting, increase conversion rates, and maximise ROI. Our tailored solution not only addressed their immediate challenges but also provided a solid foundation for future marketing success.

Case Study: Medical Aid Broker Assessment Platform with Custom Certification and Secure Delivery

A prominent medical aid broker in South Africa sought the assistance of us to develop a comprehensive assessment platform that would integrate a custom certification process and secure certificate delivery using a low-code/integration platform. The goal was to streamline the broker certification process, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure the security and integrity of issued certificates.


The client faced challenges in managing the assessment and certification process for medical aid brokers, which was labor-intensive and prone to errors. They needed a reliable, secure, and efficient solution that would automate and simplify the certification process while maintaining high standards of security and compliance.


We devised a bespoke solution to address the client’s requirements, encompassing the following stages:

  1. Custom Assessment Platform: We developed a custom assessment platform tailored to the client’s needs, providing an intuitive interface for brokers to complete assessments and track their progress. The platform included features such as automated grading, instant feedback, and time-based assessments.
  2. Integration with Certification System: We designed and implemented an integration between the assessment platform and a custom-developed certification system. This integration ensured that once brokers successfully completed the required assessments, they would be automatically issued a certificate of completion.
  3. Secure Certificate Delivery: Leveraging a low-code/integration platform, we developed a secure and efficient certificate delivery system. This system enabled encrypted and tamper-proof digital certificates to be sent directly to the broker’s email, ensuring the security and integrity of the certification process.
  4. Platform Maintenance and Support: To guarantee the platform’s ongoing reliability and performance, we provided continuous maintenance and support, addressing any technical issues promptly and ensuring the system remained up-to-date with industry standards and compliance requirements.


The custom assessment and certification solution provided by Known Integration Engineering led to significant improvements in the client’s broker certification process:

  • 50% reduction in administrative workload, as the platform automated manual processes and eliminated the need for physical certificate handling
  • Improved broker satisfaction, as they could now access and complete assessments online and receive instant certification upon successful completion
  • Enhanced security and integrity of the certification process, as the digital certificates were encrypted and tamper-proof
  • Streamlined compliance, as the platform automatically tracked and reported broker certification status


By partnering with us, the medical aid broker successfully implemented a custom assessment platform that integrated a tailored certification process and secure certificate delivery. The solution not only simplified the certification process but also improved the overall security, compliance, and broker satisfaction. With our expertise in integration engineering, we were able to deliver a comprehensive solution that addressed the client’s unique challenges and provided a solid foundation for future growth and success.