Precision lead generation


Kora focuses decades of marketing know-how into a laser-tipped lead-mining weapon for your business

Not Your Average Leads…

Kora carefully manages the way in which your products and services are positioned in front of customers and aims to extract as much intent and contactability out of them as quickly as possible.

Leads are nurtured over a defined period of time towards the goal your business needs. Emails, scheduled calls, viewings/bookings and sales. Kora will deliver. 

All of its learnings are presented to you in easy to read digital dashboards designed to maximise signal and minimise noise. 

Kora’s Industries Of Choice

High-quality leads, nurtured towards booking viewings and signing leases.

If you can do something well, don’t do it for free. Get customers who love what you do.

Maximise your time by engaging with high-quality, nurtured, warm leads.

Receive targeted leads from people who are warmed to the possibilities of SEO.

Add customers on autopilot after picking up high-quality, nurtured leads.

Targeted, primed customers who are in market for your cutting edge solutions.

Keep the booking calendar full by contacting high-quality, prepared leads.

Get your side hustle up and running in less time with hungry customers.

We’ve Been Doing This For A While

Kora is born out of an innate frustration with wielding the potential of modern, Internet based digital advertising channels. We combined our learnings and understanding of over a decade’s worth of digital marketing into a solution we are sure you’ll love using. No fuss, no fluff, just high performance. Our philosophy is that you don’t need to pay for the services you don’t need.

Take the work out of getting leads for your business with Kora. 

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

Get a quick update on the status of your Kora account without the fuss. 

All the information you need, none that you don’t. Kora’s performance dashboards show you how many leads you’re attracting, where they are coming from and which stage of nurturing they are moving through. 


Case Study

SaaS Security Software

  • 50% increase in actionable leads
  • 300% decrease in lead acquisition cost
  • 125% increase in monthly recurring revenue

Success Stories

Just fucking sent it uncle!

It was like leads from the loins of the minds responsible for making the paper my billions is now printed on.

I was stoned as all hell when I ordered, but shit am I glad I did!

We actually send great emails. Just saying. No spam, ever, just quality industry content.

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