How We Increased Online Sales by Over 500% In a Year.

We worked with a client in the premium womens activewear space where we were responsible for creating an impactful marketing strategy, within an already highly competitive market, with the objective of lifting online sales.

Online Became The New Benchmark

Our Vision

Our vision was to prove to the client that the online store could outperform their best performing brick and mortar store.

The strategy

To build an attractive streamlined online clothing store which converted the high intent traffic generated by our carefully crafted online marketing campaigns.



Revenue Generated


Sales Increase



By gathering insights from the client we were able to craft a highly attractive online store which spoke to all the aspirations identified within our targeted audience. The website was supported by a marketing campaign which displayed the correct product/messaging to the correct person and the correct time. In addition, after analysing user behaviour we knew that a remarketing campaign with tantalizing copy would be needed to convert a large number of potential customers who would add items to cart yet depart from the website.


The client’s inventory was by the priciest when compared to similar brands in the same market. This caused hesitancy from potential clients during the buying process. Knowing that we were playing in a highly competitive market we needed to employ a strategy to retain the customers attention, speak to their aspirations and convert them on the product USP’s.


Our strategically deployed marketing campaigns leveraging best fit ad units increased the monthly revenue generated on the online store by 525% and peaking at a ROI of 90/1.

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